Does Water Make Your Hair Grow? Investigating the Connection

You probably have already come across the commonplace phrase, 'Water is life'. And nowhere else does this fact ring truer than we're talking about the life of your hair. Staying hydrated has been linked to a myriad of health benefits including improved skin appearance, boosted brain function, weight loss and digestion. But does water make your hair grow? More importantly, does drinking water help hair growth? Let's get cracking. 

The nexus between water and hair growth can be traced back to the fact that it is common knowledge that hydration helps support and energize the process of hair growth. In other words, drinking enough water can aid in keeping brittle hair texture and split ends at bay. In other words, hydration for hair comes in the backdrop of fostering a healthier scalp that then translates to fewer problems such as itchiness, dryness or dandruff. And like how water has been shown to replenish and hydrate one's skin, it can do the same for your scalp and luscious locks.

Another reason drinking water for hair growth is massively important is because your hair (just like your skin) is often thirsty too. And not to sound like a broken record but taking water for hair growth is one of the easiest ways of making sure that your strands are getting all the nutrients that they need to stay in tip-top shape.

Can Dehydration Cause Hair Loss?

Now that we have answered the question, is water good for your hair, the next question in line is, can dehydration cause hair loss?

The truth is that dehydration is one of the leading causes of most people's hair woes. Your hair, in case you didn't know, is alive. And when anything alive lacks water, it goes without saying that it gets frizzy and dries out. And dehydrated hair, unlike tresses that are well watered up and moisturized, does not slick down. The unmistakable link between dehydration and hair loss is the reason your dermatologists and physician will constantly remind you to take your daily dose of the recommended 8 glasses a day of clean water.

Far from dehydrated hair loss, another significance of integrating the importance of water to your hair health is the deep condition and external hydration that taking enough water begets.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Hair

The benefits of drinking water for hair encompass a myriad of vital upsides that mostly revolve around the support of crucial bodily functions. The same rationality is employed in the formulation of some of the best hair masks in the business. Besides, you are probably already aware that water makes up 80% of the total mass of an average adult. Here's a quick primer of some of the top reasons hydrated hair is a better bargain compared to the alternative.

1. Support for Natural Hair Growth

Your hair contains a supremely high water content. In fact, your hair shaft is made up of at least 25% of water. As such, this implies that drinking water for hair growth replenishes your tresses and stimulates the hair follicles by supporting mineral and vitamin absorption.

2. Ensures Hair Health

Drinking water supports your hair by staving off a number of potential problems by keeping the strands well hydrated. Some of these pitfalls include hair fall, hair loss, brittle hair, dry hair and general itchiness. Besides, hydration ensures that your scalp remains sufficiently hydrated, well-watered and healthy which then in turns acts as the anchor for attractive-looking hair.

3. Stronger Hair and Fewer Split Ends

Just like your muscles, your hair needs enough water to remain strong enough to resist the daily drudgery and travails of modern life. There's a reason dehydrated hair looks limp and lifeless, which is a stark opposite of well watered tresses that are less likely to break. The same applies to split ends and frizz - the less water you take on a daily basis, the more likely you are to suffer from such hair problems.

4. Less Hair Damage

Drinking water regularly avails moisture to one's strands which will then absorb it and appear significantly fuller than before. Dry and dehydrated hair, on the other hand, will shrink back down and become structurally weaker. This makes the strands prone to damage. What's more, dry hair retains fewer nutrients as the follicles are often unable to assimilate the nutrients availed to them via the bloodstream.

5. Fewer Toxins

Water aids in the flushing out of toxins from one's body. Not only does this help your body function properly but also ensures proper and unrestricted growth of your tresses.

In Closing

There's no denying that there are immense benefits to be gained out of drinking water regularly. So don't forget to give your locks the best head start today by chugging down at least 8 glasses of water.

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