Papaya Benefits For Skin And Hair

More than just a delicious and tantalizing fruit, it's amazing how there are several astounding papaya benefits for skin. According to leading nutritionists and dermatologists, this can be attributed to extraordinary levels of vitamins B, C and A that the fruit packs. What's more, others believe that a decent chunk of the numerous papaya skin benefits are the product of the high content of proteolytic enzymes such as chymopapain and papain encased in the fruit. These enzymes are also believed to boast a range of antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

So, is papaya good for skin? Definitely! If anything, papaya has already cemented a name for itself as a reliable home remedy for a variety of skin problems such as; wrinkle reduction, melasma treatment and acne control.

Speaking of a home papaya skin care regimen, the following are the tenets on which the dermatological significance of this magic fruit are built on.

1. Papaya For Skin Whitening

Using papaya for skin lightening has been in the works in many folk/traditional skincare routines for generations now. Actually, employing papaya for skin whitening ranked as a popular remedy for brightening complexion before the advent of modern-day skin lighteners. In depth research shows that this mostly thanks to the range of organic bleaching properties that the fruit has in its outermost layer. Moreover, these natural bleaching agents can also be employed to eliminate skin impurities, get rid of grime or even protect one's skin against photodamage.

The fact that papaya lightens skin also means that the fruit can be used to even out hyperpigmented spots and make acne scars less conspicuous. Making a papaya for face whitening mask is the easier part of this equation. All you have to do is mash a cup of well-ripen papaya and squeeze a slice of lemon in it. Stir the mixture well before slathering it amply on your face. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes before washing it off with fresh cold water to close up the pores.

2. Papaya For Acne

Using papaya for acne may sound unusual and atypical but you'd be blown away by just how effective juice extracted from a raw piece of this fruit is at combating acne. Dermatologists, apparently, believe that raw papaya skin contains a host of potent antibacterial elements that can be used to slow down or inhibit the activity of acne-causing bacteria allowing your skin a chance to heal and repair itself. In the light of these papaya acne benefits, it is also not surprising that the fruit also packs a number of anti-inflammatory properties that have been linked to smoother skin and less nasty-looking bumps.

Besides, papaya juice has also been shown to prevent blemishes and reduce the frequency/severity of breakouts. To achieve this, simply blend a piece of the fruit together with a bit of garlic clover and apply the resulting mixture on the inflamed areas. Speaking of which, papaya is also an excellent but under-rated anti-aging home remedy that is not talked about enough, thanks to the natural AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) that it contains which tones down signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Papaya for Dark Spots and Facial Hair

Employing papaya for dark spots ought to be listed as one of the few remaining 100% organic ways of lightening age spots and removing unwanted skin tan. Be it dark elbows/knees or acne spots, papaya has been proven to have an unmatched ability to even one's skin tone, spruce up the texture and edify one's complexion. And the best part of it? All you have to do is blend a piece of raw papaya together with a teaspoon of honey and squeeze a tablespoon of lemon juice into the mixture. Apply this concoction thoroughly to all the affected areas before letting it sit for at least 10 minutes. Proceed to rinse it with lukewarm water before applying a moisturizer/sunscreen. For best results, it is advisable to repeat this routine at least thrice a week.

Now that we are talking about dark spots, it is interesting to note that papaya is not just great for illuminating and fading blemishes. If employed, it can also be used to lighten facial hair and make it less noticeable, especially if you rue the sight of sporting unruly-looking facial hair. Fascinatingly, it is the presence of a unique enzyme in papaya that comes to life and weakens the hair follicles while also lightening the strands. What's even better, it is possible to stave off regrowth if you get into the habit of using it frequently.

4. How to Use Papaya on Face

If you are wondering how to use papaya on face, then you have stumbled on the right page. There is no shortage of different recipes on how to apply papaya on face, which includes the following.

Papaya and Honey Mask

Whipping up a papaya and honey mask is an incredible way of combining the legendary antioxidant properties of papaya and the unequalled healing capabilities of honey. Furthermore, papaya and raw honey are known to work together to promote, oversee and support the exfoliation of dead skin cells from the exterior-most layer of the skin. Moreover, honey has a number of remarkable therapeutic benefits that can be significant in giving you that elusive natural glow. Adding milk to this face mask further improves your chances of rocking a baby smooth and supple skin.

Honey, Papaya and Lemon for Acne

This unique face mask is made by combining  lemon, papaya and honey to fight acne and get rid of pimples and blackheads. Just like in a standard papaya mask for acne, honey plays an immense role in nourishing, hydrating and protecting the skin from environmental aggressors. In addition to this, papaya's rejuvenating enzyme typically combines with the exfoliating capabilities of lemon juice to cleanse the skin and unclog one's pores.

Papaya and Orange Mask for Oily Skin

Oily skin is arguably one of the most challenging skin types to take care of properly. Fortunately, both orange and papaya are packed with considerable levels of natural antioxidants including the legendary vitamin C. Everything becomes clear when you consider that ascorbic acid has an exceptional astringent property that works to absorb excessive sebum from the skin which keeps your pores open.

5. Papaya Face Mask Benefits

There are several papaya face mask benefits that you stand to gain if you integrate this fruit into your skin care and beauty regimen. In actuality, replacing your store-bought face mask recipe with a papaya mask for skin opens the door to a number of upsides, which include;

Rejuvenate and Revitalize skin

It's really no secret that papaya is rich in vitamin C and E, both of which are renowned antioxidants that can re-invigorate your skin's role as the first barrier against foreign entities. Bear in mind also that papaya is also an astute skin and wound healer whose topical application has been shown to accelerate the clearing of acne scars, lesions and marks.

An Inexpensive to Brighten or Lighten your Skin

Since papaya facial mask recipes are generally quite inexpensive and easy to whip up, it goes without saying that papaya skin lightening pads are a cheap way of brightening up your face, especially if you tan easily. The best thing about such an organic, natural and sustainable approach is that the bleaching agents found in papaya do not predispose to a slew of secondary skin problems such as melasma, premature aging and acne breakouts.

Unmatched Skin Nourishment

Thanks to its unparalleled hydrating effect, papaya is known to nourish the skin extensively, improve the appearance of unsightly wrinkles and even smoothen out fine lines in the process.

6. Papaya on Face Side Effects

Unfortunately, as much as papaya has demonstrated that it packs a multitude of benefits of significant dermatological significance, we cannot possibly ignore that it is not exactly bereft of side effects. One of the major papaya on face side effects stems from the fact that one of its most active ingredients (papain) is a potentially dangerous enzyme. You see, unripe papaya contain intense concentrations of this abrasive enzyme that can aggravate your symptoms or even exacerbate past acne lesions if utilized in a face mask. Besides, some people are unknowingly allergic to papain and even a small amount of it can trigger hives and severe irritation.

Lastly, but most importantly, papaya home remedies are likely to be unbalanced with disproportionate amounts of several active ingredients. As such, it is extremely difficult to quantify your usage per day or track your progress. These are reasons your dermatologist would advise you to steer clear of the homemade papaya formulations but instead make good use of preparations made in controlled environment such as our Papaya Kojic Acid and Glutathione cream

7. Papaya for Hair

Exploring the list of several papaya for hair benefits reveals how this fruit packs a number of incredible trichology benefits.

  • It's a natural and revered anti-dandruff medication: A papaya hair mask is known for thwarting scalp dryness, itchiness, and flakiness caused by dandruff activity thanks to the potent antifungal and antibacterial traits. In any case, papaya skin harbors a multitude of healthful elements such as lycopene, B-complex vitamins and flavonoid antioxidants. These elements correct all concerns that are associated with an unhealthy scalp such as breaking, hair loss, dry tresses and infestation by pathogens.
  • A deeply penetrating conditioner: Owing to the host of proteolytic enzymes that this fruit packs (papain and chymopapain), not forgetting the antioxidants that are associated with it, it's easy to see why a papaya hair conditioner nurtures and protects one's tresses effortlessly. On top of that, it has a unique way of infusing water molecules  right to the depths of your hair roots thereby promoting fast growth of stronger and luscious strands.
  • Promotes quick hair growth: The wealth of antioxidants and folic acids that are present in a piece of raw papaya fruit can improve the delivery of oxygen, nutrients and blood to the hair follicles of your glorious mane. Apart from nurturing the thirsty hair roots, it also triggers a fast growth of strands by protecting them against oxidative damage. Into the bargain, the range of antimicrobial papaya properties are significant in stopping more than a few infections that can potentially precipitate scalp damage.

In Closing

It is clearly evident that papaya leaves no stone unturned when it comes to promoting the health of your hair and mane. Having said that, it is crucial to consult with your dermatologist or trichologist before starting to use this amazing home remedy to avert the chances of suffering debilitating side effects. It's also a good practice to talk with your doctor prior to beginning any significant hair/skin treatment if you are battling a serious underlying condition.

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