Salt and Pepper hair: How to Make Them Look Good?

There's no shred of doubt that no woman who has ever walked on the planet looks forward to the day they get old and gray. But you would be very surprised to find out that a salt and pepper hair look does not necessarily have to be dreary, cheerless and dull. You can still pull off a fantastic long natural salt and pepper hair mien without looking like you just woke up a few minutes ago or just survived a hurricane. Actually, having shiny silver hair is now a major hair color trend in 2021 going forward. And as you would imagine, the key to having shiny gray hair to accentuate that salt and pepper smoky look is to keep dry gray hair at bay. 

Valuable Tips on How to Make Gray Hair Shiny Silver

When it comes to styling your salt and pepper hair, one of the pitfalls that you should be looking to avoid is having dull gray hair strands stand in your of being that silver vixen that wears their white hair proudly like an earned badge of honor.

Here's where knowing how to make gray hair shiny silver pays plenty of dividends in the long run. And as much as it may be somewhat time-consuming, tricky and expensive, nothing is more dazzling than rocking shiny silver streaks of insight and wisdom. And for that, you need to have a good idea of how to make salt and pepper hair shine. Here is a quick primer on that.

Build a Foundation for your Strands to Shine

It is not enough to know how to make gray hair shine, you have to start by building a foundation that allows those 'strands of wisdom' to stand out convincingly. The foundation, in this sense, is the right set of conditioners, hair moisturizers and shampoos that leaves your tresses feeling soft to the touch and dazzling shiny.

As far as shampooing your salt and pepper hair goes, then you want one that does not just expel grime, sweat or dirt from your strands but also infuses a host of nutrients to the roots and follicles. Bloommy's Biotin Collagen Keratin Shampoo is an excellent example of one that combines these two features in one convenient and easy-to-use package. The shampoo is designed to impart a range of minerals and vitamins (including keratin and collagen) to your graying hair to repair broken shafts and strengthen the hair follicles from which they emerge without fail. What's more, the shampoo's formula offers extreme hydration and moisturization that keeps your hair silky smooth hours after the initial application.

As you probably already know, an effective shampooing routine ought to be followed up with a suitable conditioner. If possible, go for a botanically-based one that employs completely natural ingredients to restore your hair's ideal pH and moisture level long after you have stepped out of the shower.

1. Make Use of a Purple Leave-in Conditioner and Shampoo Every Once in a While

Unlike regular day-to-day shampoos, purple ones and similarly labelled conditioners are designed to boost your hair's dazzle factor by neutralizing its tendency to assume a yellowish tinge. This is possible since the hue left behind by purple conditioners and shampoos gives gray hair a silvery glow when applied at least twice or thrice a month.

Your ideal purple shampoo or conditioner should contain a well-made blend of moisturizers, emollients and color refreshers tuned to the specific wavelength of how to make gray hair shine naturally. Aside from this, it should be in a position to drown out unwanted yellow tones and hydrate the hair enough to leave it supple, soft and shiny.

2. Still struggling? Use a Suitable Clarifying Shampoo

Still fumbling with how to make salt and pepper hair look good? Well, don't let the ball drop by giving your gray hair that elusive silvery pastel hue using a suitable clarifying shampoo at least once a week. Apart from getting rid of surface build-up, such shampoos are formulated to give your gray hair a nice violet that counteracts any unsightly, dull and unattractive yellow hues emitted by the gray hair.

Here are the Specifics of How to Keep your Gray Hair White

One of the key pointers to making gray hair shine and keeping that tired 'granny gray' look at bay is understanding that there is really no such thing as ' naturally gray hair.' In fact, if you were to examine each individual strand of gray hair you will realize that it's actually white. In other words, it doesn't have any of the natural pigment that it once had while you were younger. You see, when our follicles start to produce less or no pigment at all, the resultant look resembles gray hair. While in reality, the gray hair is simply an optical illusion that comes about when the unpigmented (white) hair sits next to tresses that still have a little bit of pigment in them.

Thus, if you are looking for how to have gray hair and not look old, then the secret lies in keeping your gray hair completely white. It may sound like a paradox, but the fewer pigmented hair that you have remaining, the whiter (and possibly better) your hair will look in the long run. Speaking of which, having gray or white hair is like wearing a crisp white shirt at the height of summer. Pollution, sweat, grime and literally anything in between is bound to show up on it as you about your day. And this gives it that dingy and yellowish tint that is hardly flattering or inviting.

This, therefore, means that if you are looking for how to make your gray hair whiter, then you may want to invest in a rigorous cleansing and styling regime that is built on the correct set of products.

Here's How to Soften Gray Hair

One of the best ways of how to make salt and pepper hair look good is by styling it to reflect your personality and disposition. And for this, you need it soft and supple enough. The basics of how to soften gray hair revolve around implementing a repairing and restoration regimen founded on moisturization and nourishment.
Speaking of which, coarse gray hair treatment makes use of the following useful pointers.

1. Adding a Serum

Unlike coarse hair, shiny hair occurs when light rays reflect and bounce off your tresses. As such, you need an aid a combination of products and styling tools to seal the hair cuticle of the hair to allow it to bounce off sufficiently off the hair. A good way of achieving this is using serum (preferably a colorless and clear one rather than the amber-colored conventional one). This will give your tresses that elusive shine without overpowering your natural tones of gray.
What's more, a serum also aids in the repair of broken split ends and when applied to the edges of the hair it always results in a polished finished look.

2. Tame Those Textured Grays

Apparently, scientists have found out that pigmentation in our younger years does more than just give the strands color and life, it also softens hair. Thus, it goes without saying that your hair is likely to feel wiry and coarser than the natural texture that you were once accustomed to as you get older. And this is the reason the need for a suitable keratin treatment cannot be overstated enough.

Speaking of keratin treatments, one of the highly recommended ones for silver-haired women or men who are struggling to get their rebellious hair texture under control is Bloommy's Biotin Collagen Keratin Treatment. Unlike other conventional masks, this keratin is the ultimate coarse gray hair treatment thanks to its unsurpassed ability to add a beautiful shine to a graying mane.

Besides, by softening your hair, the keratin treatment makes styling, managing, smoothing and maintaining your tresses significantly easier and less time-consuming.

3. Go for the Best Hairsprays

A majority of standard hairsprays that you used while you were younger will simply not cut it when you are silver vixen or fox. There's a reason gray hair care products are vastly different and more specialized in their formulation in comparison to products made for teenagers and young adults.

Speaking of which, hairsprays are typically dry and somewhat dehydrating. And while this can give your hair an attractive matte finish, it could also leave your tresses feeling crunchy and crispened. To avoid this while styling your hair, experts recommend lifting your strands up in even sections and only applying the hairspray to the follicles near or next to your scalp. Restricting the hair spray beneath the more visible sections on your hair gives your mane the support and hold that it needs to look kempt without dulling out its natural sheen or glow.

4. Make Use of a Conditioning Mask

A conditioning mask is one of the hair product for gray hair that you possibly can't do without as long as you want to avoid looking dishevelled or unkempt without a wig on. A deep conditioner, also known as a hair mask, is made to be heavy and thick to bind firmly to the hair or scalp. Also, it is made to be left on the hair for quite a while, unlike standard conditioners that should be washed off immediately.

Among the top-tier hair masks formulated for enhancing silver hair is Bloommy's Biotin Collagen Keratin Treatment which has been recently flying off the shelves, literally. Made with 100% organic ingredients and essentially cruelty-free, this hair mask has cemented a reputation of brightening drab, dull and yellowing gray strands by brightening and conditioning them thoroughly. And as much as such a hair mask can be used as often as you find fit, experts recommend applying it at least once a month to keep your salt and pepper hair in excellent shape.

Besides, such hair products for gray hair shine also double up as restorative and deep conditioning treatments that not only add softness and shine to your silver mane but also nourish it comprehensively.

In Closing - The Takeaway

When it comes to how to keep your gray hair white the rule of the less styling, the better firmly applies. Heavy styling products such as muds, waxes, sprays, gels, pomades and even a couple of finishing oils can build up in your tresses if used too frequently. Hence, to avoid drying out your hair and eventually making it look drab, the less often you use such as product-heavy hair care items, the less the probability of staining your precious silver locks.

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