Washing Hair with Cold Water — Things You Should be Aware of

On paper, washing hair with cold water sounds like the ideal way of retaining sebum and natural oils within the strands and nestled in the follicles. And bearing in mind that these are the same natural composites responsible for giving your hair that characteristic luster and allure associated with being in excellent health, one begins to question the long-held recommendation of washing hair with scalding hot water. But is it better to wash hair with cold water or does hot water do more good than harm to hair, especially if it is thicker or fuller? Or is it good to wash your hair with cold water and are cold showers good for your hair? Let's see.

What Does Cold Water Do to Your Hair? Investigating the Connection Between Water Temperature and Hair Health

One of the biggest pointers of the benefits of washing hair with cold water revolves around the question of what does cold water do to your hair and the surrounding specifics. As such, trichologists believe that the main reason washing hair with cold water benefits your strands is that the lower temperature aids in keeping the scalp hydrated without necessarily opening up your pores excessively. Remember that open pores are more likely to accumulate grease, sweat, toxic pollutants, dirt and oil within the hair follicles. And if left to fester, this can quickly degrade your scalp's hygiene at best and trigger devastating inflammation at worst.

Does Cold Water Help Your Hair Grow?

The main argument against overusing hot water on your hair tetters around the fact that it can cause your hair to become brittle, frizzy and extremely dry. As such, one can help but wonder is cold water good for hair growth? And most importantly, does cold water make your hair grow? Well, for the most part, there's not much scientific evidence that seems to suggest that washing your hair with icy cold water can make your hair grow faster. So, does cold showers help hair growth? Not necessarily. What it does, however, is keep your scalp in optimal health, enough to manage any potential internal issues such scalding or a dry, itchy, inflamed scalp.
If you really want to help your hair grow, then the best approach would be making blooming additives such as Blooomy's Biotin Collagen Keratin Shampoo part and parcel of your hair care regimen.

Does Cold Water Cause Hair Loss?

If you have ever bothered to investigate the connection between one's water temperature and the state of your tresses, you may have at one time or another wondered, does cold water cause hair loss? On the contrary, it does not. If anything, washing your hair with steaming water can damage your scalp, trigger hair root inflammation, cause irritation and, most significantly, hinder the absorption of oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream to the underlying follicles.

Rinsing Hair with Cold Water - Why You Should be Doing It

At the end of the day, rinsing hair with cold water especially after washing it with lukewarm water is an excellent way of closing up the pores on your scalp and reducing the chances that the grime-removing process had triggered the start of inflammation and irritation. In other words, the next time you are taking a hot shower remember to rinse hair with cold water.

In Closing

As you can see, there's a lot you are missing out on if you are still washing your hair with streaming hot water.

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