Why Won’t My Hair Take Color? 8 Surprising Reasons

Nothing is arguably more frustrating than spending a tidy sum of money on a hair coloring makeover only for the dye to wash off or fade in a week or two. Not only is this a waste of time and money but can also potentially leave your hair looking worse than it did in the first place. And at this stage, it's likely you could be wondering aloud, "why won t my hair take color?" Or, "Why didn t my hair dye work?" Granted, there are more than a few reasons your hair won t hold color and we will attempt to dissect them as accurately as possible.

What causes hair color not to take? 15 Surprising Reasons Which Might be an Explanation for Hair Not Retaining Color

Truth be told, for a majority of people changing their hair's color or tinge is not as easy or straightforward as it would seem on paper. And if you are struggling with hard-to-answer questions such as, "Why won't my hair hold color?" then this part is for you.

1. You are Using the Wrong Shampoo or Conditioner

Pondering and confused over what causes hair color not to take? One of the main reasons for that could be that you are using the wrong holding color and shampoo. You see, you need the right developer that is tailored for your hair texture and type for the color to come out as brightly and lively-looking as possible. And after you are done processing your hair, ensure to wash off the dye with plenty of water and a strand-nourishing shampoo such as Bloommy's Biotin Collagen Keratin Shampoo.

2. You Have Virgin Hair Which Won't Take Color as Easily

There are several reasons why virgin hair won't take color as easily as previously processed hair. Here's the thing; the active chemicals and ingredients in the developer and dye have to work harder to loosen the exterior strands of hair for the pigment to bond to the tresses. In other words, if your cuticles are as intact and undamaged (as is the case with virgin hair), you could find it painstakingly hard for your hair to hold color for more than a few days or weeks at most.

3. Why Won't my Hair Take Color after Bleaching? It Could be that it's Too Greasy

Oftentimes, your tresses can be too greasy for the pigment to bond successfully enough for the color to show. This may be the only logical explanation if you are struggling with a dilemma like, why won't my hair take color after bleaching? Luckily, there is something you can do - scouring for a developer or dye that is formulated to work with extra greasy or naturally oily hair.

4. The Ends of Hair Won't Take Color Because You are Washing Off the Dye Too Soon

One of the plausible reasons why ends of hair won't take color as readily as the rest of your strands could be because you are washing off your dye too soon. As such, you should wait a little longer for the dye to process instead of rushing to rinse it off before the color has taken hold.

5. Why Won't my Hair Take Color Anymore? You are Leaving in the Dye for Far too Long

Are worried about, "Why won't my hair take color anymore?" Well, as surprising or ironic as this may sound, it could be that you are leaving the dye in longer than necessary. And, in such cases, it is possible for the intended dimensions of the color to get lost during the processing period. Fortunately, adding a clarifying shampoo or even a hair mask infused with Biotin Collagen and Keratin may be able to help with this, especially if done a few hours in advance. That being said, your hair may need more than a single washing session depending on how long you had previously left in the dye.

6. You Have Overgrown Strands

A lot of people who pore over questions such as, " Why won't my hair hold color?" are likely to have overgrowth tresses within their mane. And this explains why it is imperative to get a nice and neat trim before coloring your hair. What this does, in case you are wondering, is get rid of the dry and brittle ends of your strands that rarely hold color as well as you would wish to. Besides, fragile ends may give your hair an unhealthy sheen which further prevents the color from taking.

7. You are Overwashing Your Hair

Just like washing off your dye too soon, overwashing your tresses could be an explanation for hair not retaining color. You see, as much as it is important that ensure that your hair is not too greasy or dirty before coloring it, you also shouldn't overwash it. Also, that layer of natural oils on your scalp typically goes a long way in protecting your scalp from the harsh chemical ingredients found in the dye's formulation.

8. You are Not Using a Hot Oil Treatment

Just like Bloommy's Hair Smoothing Mask, the objective of hot oil treatment is to nourish your strands well enough for them to withstand the harsh and chemically-drying properties of the hair dye. Remember that if your locks are too dry and brittle, they will not hold the new color as well as those that are in excellent condition.

That aside, here are 7 bonus reasons why you are having a hard time dyeing or coloring your hair;

You are using excess heat to style your hair after processing it with the dye

  • Your hair might be too porous, thinning or balding
  • You may have exposed your tresses to too much sunlight or chlorine
  • You are not eating a diet that is rich in hair-friendly nutrients. Consider adding Bloommy's Keratin, Collagen and Biotin Vitamins for Hair to your supplementation regimen to fill in this nutritional gap
  • You are using the wrong color pigment for your hair
  • You are using two hair dyes at the same time and overloading your hair shaft with too many color molecules
  • You are perming or relaxing your hair too soon after dyeing it
  • You have open cuticles

The Takeaway

As you can see, there is really no shortage of reasons why your hair is not holding on to color as well as you may wish. The good news is that there is nothing that a few tweaks and fine changes in your hair care regimen can't fix, in both the short term and long run.

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