Hair Gift Sets

Look around; with the New Year's and Christmas festivities around the corner, you must be hard-pressed on what special gift to get your loved ones this year as you do some holiday shopping. Worry no more - we got you covered with these hair gift sets by Bloommy's. These meticulously selected hair sets are especially ideal for the lover of lustrous-looking locks, strong stresses, and anyone who is trying to regrow their follicles after a year of having a little too many bad hair days. Let's dig in, shall we?

  • The Complete Hair Care Gift Set & Package - Incorporating our highly-acclaimed Biotin Collagen Keratin Hair Mask alongside a number of skincare additives, this is one of the hair gift sets that you shouldn't miss out on this coming Christmas. Speaking to which, the hair mask in this hair gift set employs the use of an allergen, paraben, and silicon-free shampoo that is formulated with the intention of repairing damaged hair, nurturing one's hair structure to facilitate recovery, and repairing damaged tresses. As expected, the ingredients are organic and selected for their sustainability and healing properties. They include the likes of jojoba oil, vitamin E, and argan oil.
  • The Biotin Regime Kit - As the name suggests, this combo sets hair for a new beginning, especially if used religiously. And the best thing about it? It is quite easy to do so. For starters, the inclusion of Bloommy's Shampoo means that you will kick off your haircare regimen by getting rid of grime, dirt, and sweat using a restorative complex. The shampoo is developed to assist growth and promote hair thickening while, at the same time, staving off follicle damage. Secondly, follow up the above ablution exercise by donning a hair mask which is tailored to boost strength and spruce up your hair's overall structure. And this is, of course, in addition to reducing dryness, balancing oil production, and improving the general structure and strength of individual tresses. Afterward, the gift recipient of this hair set will complement their hair restoration regimen by taking two capsules of the included Biotin & Keratin natural supplement to fill in crucial nutritional gaps that they could have missed via their eating habits.


  1. What to get someone who loves hair?

    There are several unique gifts for an avid hair lover that you could explore this festive season. They include the likes of a scalp massager, hair towels, silk/satin pillowcase to protect their tresses as they sleep, a bamboo hairbrush, silicone mats, and, of course, organic hair supplements and vitamins such as Bloommy's Biotin, Collage & Keratin Capsules.

  2. Which hair kit is best?

    The best hair kit is one that captures the three main tenets of hair care, i.e, cleansing, restoration/rehabilitation, and supplementation. Bloommy's Biotin Regime Kit is a classic example of a hair kit that encircles this long-held foundation of how to get beautiful hair and keep it.