Why Does My Hair Get Greasy so Fast?

Truth be told, greasy hair can be quite a bummer, especially if you already have oily skin or prone to suffering debilitating breakouts. As such, it wouldn't come as a surprise that you could be struggling with questions such as, "Why does my hair get greasy so fast?'' or "Why does my hair get greasy overnight." Not to worry, though. In this excerpt, we will go to great lengths to break down exactly why you are getting greasy hair after one day and some things you can do to mitigate this. In short, we will help get to the bottom of the sebum conundrum that you happen to find yourself struggling in.

Speaking of sebum, it is imperative to come to terms with why exactly your hair appears to get so oily after a relatively short amount of time. In other words, our objective is to answer questions like, why does my hair get greasy fast or why does my hair get oily after a day and why is my hair getting greasy so fast? Strap in and let's explore, shall we?

Here's How to Make Your Hair Less Greasy

Even before we get to the nitty-gritty of how to make your hair less greasy, it is imperative to recognize that one of the main reasons hair gets greasy overnight has a lot to do with the styling and setting techniques that you employ to keep your strands looking glamorous. Yes, as much as it may be a surprise to you, the resolution to the dilemma of why does my hair get oily after a day could be nestled in your hair habits. And this encompasses everything from the hair products that you usually use on a day-to-day basis to seemingly miscellaneous things such as how to sleep with hair.

Here's the Best Way to Sleep with your Hair

Most of the time, one of the solutions to why your hair gets greasy has a lot to do with the bedside mannerisms you adopt before hitting the hay. For this reason, we have compiled some of the best ways to sleep with your hair taking into account several things such as the length of your tresses and general personal preferences. Here's a quick primer to that.

1. Use a Shampoo Adapted for Oily Roots

One thing that you quickly get accustomed to when trying to unravel how to make your hair look less greasy is that the shampoo you use while in shower has a lot to say when it comes to correcting and mitigating this anomaly. In short, fighting that sebum and greasy roots starts in the shower. Invest in a well-formulated shampoo that is capable of slowing down the production of sebum but at the same time keeping your follicles amply hydrated. One of them is Bloommy Biotin Collagen Keratin Shampoo that is not only adapted to repairing your tresses but also thickening them and infusing a nourishing complex in the process as well.

2. Protect your Scalp with a Dry Shampoo Before Bed

Regardless of whether your hair is dry or wet before crawling in, it is often a good practice to apply some dry shampoo before bed. Actually, this ranks among the best ways to sleep with long hair regardless of your styling preferences. Application of dry shampoo before bed will not only lift the roots a tad but also fight oil and add volume to your tresses as well.

3. Sleep with Hair in a Bun or at least Get it Up

Apart from brushing your hair before bed, another way of keeping greasy hair at bay is getting used to sleeping with hair in a bun. While brushing your strands helps detach them while at the same time distributing your scalp's natural secretion evenly throughout the hair, the bun plays a significant role in spreading this oil across the entire length of your mane. So, if you have been debating whether is it better to sleep with hair up or down, now you know the answer to that. If anything, the crux of how to prevent greasy hair overnight could just come down to how you wear your hair before getting under the sheets after a long day.

4. Clean Your Beddings and Pillow Case Regularly

Clean beddings will not only keep your skin clear but also aid to your efforts of arresting the problem of those annoying greasy strands. Here's the thing, your beddings, more specifically the pillowcase collects dead skin, bacteria, grime and other related debris that might just get lodged in your hair as we tumble and turn in your well-earned slumber. As such, frequent and thorough cleaning is necessary to ensure that you are not depositing all that accumulated yuckiness into your precious hair that you are striving not to make greasy and oily.

5. Can you Sleep with Conditioner in Your Hair - Learn the Best Ways of Using a Conditioner

As you may be already aware at this juncture, a conditioner often represents the very last step in the hair washing or grooming regimen. The idea here is usually to add shine, lock moisture, ensure protection and detangle your strands after a brutal hair-washing session. For this reason, most people will typically struggle with the question of can you sleep with conditioner in your hair, especially if they are fond of taking a long bath at the end of a taxing day before retiring.

So, can I sleep with conditioner in my hair? All other factors held constant, it is not recommended or even necessary to sleep in a hair conditioner. Just like how counterproductive overusing a shampoo or hair conditioner can be, leaving it on for more than three to five minutes before rinsing it out does more harm than good to your strands.

If anything, over-conditioning your hair by leaving it on overnight can be quite detrimental to the health of your curly and kinky tresses especially if it is not specifically marketed as a leave-in conditioner. You see, your hair naturally absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment as you sleep through a natural expansion and contraction process. In other words, going to bed with a hair conditioner puts the strands at a high risk of suffering hygral fatigue, also known as greasy hair.

Here's How to Moisturize Scalp Without Making Hair Greasy

Now that we have explored the numerous ways of how to keep hair from getting greasy overnight, the next obvious step is breaking down the art of how to moisturize scalp without making hair greasy. You have to bear in mind that your body is adapted to moisturizing your scalp naturally without any additional input thanks to the magic of sebum. As such, the idea of how to make your hair not greasy overnight is to give it a helping hand through the application of a moisturizing hair mask. If possible, go for a nourishing hair mask like Bloommy Biotin Collagen Keratin Hair Treatment that will not just lock in the much-needed moisture but also infuse a conglomerate of essential nutrients geared towards supporting the growth and healthiness of your tresses.

Having said that, mastering the following helpful tips of how to make your hair look less greasy won't hurt your quest either.

  • Get into the habit of applying the oil directly to your scalp rather than on your hair
  • Shampoo the extra moisturizer out for before dressing or styling your hair if you happen to have an extremely oily scalp
  • Go for a shampoo that employs natural ingredients such as rosemary, tea tree oil, citrus oil or chamomile. These ingredients have been shown to be instrumental in drenching excess sebum out of the tresses.

In Closing

As you can see, how to prevent greasy hair overnight is not exactly complicated and neither is it straightforward either. Nevertheless, with the combination of a disciplined hair styling regimen and the right products in your bedside dressing table should go a long way in keeping your mane moisturized without necessarily appearing greasy.

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